Cincinnati Old Time Radio Convention, 1999

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Bob Burchett

Bob Burchett is the originator / producer / mastermind behind the Cincinnati Conventions.

This is part of the crowd that attended the convention as they watch a radio play being re-created.


Our Leader

Director Don Ramlow croons at a rare public appearance with the Boogie Woogie Girls.


Sound Effects

Here are the guys who supply all the sound effects for the radio productions.

The Raffle

Robert Newman holds the lucky ticket box aloft as a conventioneer draws a name.

Saturday night's banquet was well attended.

  Ed Klute tickles the ivories with an unbelievably fast version of Sweet Georgia Brown, as his wife Nana looks on helplessly.

  The Boogie Woogie Girls entertain the crowd with World War II songs.

  Richard Diamond Private Eye, starred (left to right):Rosemary Rice, Bob Hastings, Clive Rice (seated just behind Bob), and Fred Foy.

  This is a long shot of the cast, as seen from the back of the room.

  After the show, the cast is applauded.

  Peg Lynch and Bob Hastings as Ethel and Albert.

  Joan Beck accepts the Parley Baer Award for her husband, sound effects professional Barney Beck.

  Producer Bob Burchett presents a Stone-Waterman Award to Fred Foy...

  ...and to Bob Hastings (who wisely did not follow through with his threat to put us all to sleep with a long and boring acceptance speech)...

  ...and to Peg Lynch....

  ....And Director Don Ramlow can't believe it's finally over.


Admission to the Convention is unbelievably reasonable--Just seven bucks each day ($14.00 total). Plan to join us next year! Email me for more information about any of this!

And if you haven't had enough, here are more photos.