Vendors at the Cincinnati OTR Convention, 1999

Vendors at the Cincinnati OTR Convention, 1999

Robert and Barbara Newman are official greeters at the convention, and they are in charge of selling admission and banquet tickets. Robert is president of the Radio Listener's Lyceum, an old time radio club which maintains a library and archives in Forest Park, Ohio, and publishes "RLL On the Air."

Terry Salomonson is a multi-faceted dealer who compiles western logs. He is from Howell, Michigan.

Hal Sampson kinda grew up with Roy Rogers (same neighborhood, different era). Hal lives outside Louisville now, in Mt. Washington, Kentucky, and sells a lot of fantastic posters. His business name is Hal's Hollywood Collectables.

Darold Rice runs a business in East Lansing, Michigan, called "Ad Alley," which sells collectible advertising, books and magazines, comic strips, and newspapers.

Leo Gawroniak of Glen Gardner, New Jersey, is as friendly a person as you could ever want to meet. He sells OTR tapes.

Sonny Raley is the ultimate autograph collector. His company, H & S Enterprises, is based in Lusby, Maryland, and he was able to find a Jack Benny signature for my daughter. His web site is .

Ken Piletic somehow got hold of some tainted food, and spent most of the convention trying to recover. Ken, an ORCATS member (Oldtime Radio Collectors and Traders Society) from Streamwood, Illinois, videotapes the convention every year.

Gary Kramer demonstates an antique radio to a potential customer. His company is called Great American Radio, and he's from Genesee, Michigan.

Jerry and Betty Randolph run their Olden Radio business from Indianapolis, Indiana.

Karl Rommel is the ultimate Lone Ranger fan; he's even related to Brace Beemer, who played the Lone Ranger on radio. Karl's company, "Hi-Yo Silver!" is based in Lansing, Michigan.

Eugene M. Smith is from Canton, Michigan, and he sells radio premiums. Look closely and you may be able to see the Lone Ranger tie he's wearing.

Author Martin Grams Jr. has two books under his belt (SUSPENSE, 20 Years of Thrills and Chills, and The History of THE CAVALCADE OF AMERICA), with more to come soon. Martin wants to assure everyone he is MUCH older than he looks. His home is Delta, Pennsylvania.

Ivan Snell sells books, audio tapes, and video tapes. He is the proprietor of The Shadow's Sanctum in Wichita, Kansas.