(By Early TV and Old-Time Radio Performers, Other Assorted Celebrities, Authors, Experts, and Fans)


 By Fred Foy, radio's announcer for the Lone Ranger ("Return With Us Now To Those Thrilling Days of Yesteryear....THE LONE RANGER RIDES AGAIN!")

(Left photo, Karen is 11; right photo, Karen is 19)


By Tony Butala, founder and leader of the singing group The Lettermen.


By Paul Petersen, Jeff Stone on the Donna Reed Show, and recording artist (She Can't Find Her Keys; My Dad)


By Kathy Garver, big sister Cissy on TV's Family Affair


By Jon Provost, Lassie's Timmy


By Peg Lynch, writer and star of Ethel and Albert, and The Couple Next Door.


By Beverly Washburn, who was in Old Yeller and TV shows

from Leave It to Beaver to Star Trek


By Bob Hastings (Archie on the radio, Lt Carpenter on McHale's Navy, many cartoon voices)


By Will Hutchins (Sugarfoot, Elvis co-star, Dagwood)


By Hal Stone (Jughead on the radio)


With Rosemary Rice (Betty on Archie; Katrin on I Remember Mama, an early television series)


By Esther Geddes (Talk of the Town, Let's Pretend)


By Eddie Carroll, Jack Benny impersonator extraordinaire


By Ruth Last (Fort Apache the Bronx, Manhattan Murder Mystery)


By Parley Baer (Chester on radio's Gunsmoke, Mayor of Mayberry on Andy Griffith)


By Barney Beck, sound effects man for the Shadow and Bob & Ray


By John Records Landecker, legendary WLS Superjock


By Dave Davies, modern-day sound effects genius


By Ed Clute, keyboardist for OTR reenactments


By Chuck Schaden (author of Speaking of Radio)


By Martin Grams (the Old-Time Radio author/scholar)


By Doug Hopkinson, Old Time Radio Researchers Group


By Ryan Ellett, Old Time Radio Researchers Group


By Robert Newman, President of Radio Listener's Lyceum


By Mike Biel (Early Recording Scholar Extraordinaire)


By Steve Thompson, Super-Blogger


By Charlie Summers (OTR Digest guru)


By Stephen "Theatre of the Mindless" Jansen


By Derek Tague, OTR researcher/panel moderator


By Jerry Williams, Sound effects man extraordinaire


By Jack French, author of the guide to radio's female detectives, Private Eyelashes


By  Barbara Davies, money-manager for the Cincinnati OTR Convention


By Charlie Niren, major-league collector of old-time radio shows - and he listens to them all!


By longtime OTR fan Frank Swiezy


By Bob Ellis of Sounds Like Yesterday


By Chuck Thompson, OTR Fan


By Randy Larson, OTR Fan (and WC Fields impersonator) 


By Melanie Aultman, OTR Fan


By Jim Skyrm and Hal Sampson, nostalgia dealers


By Sonny Raley the Autograph Dealer


By Randy Story, educator/actor/OTR fan


By Rodney Bowcock Jr., OTR / video / music reviewer


By Jerry Randolph, video dealer


Well, LEANED ON by Meredith Granger


By Bob Burchett, who organizes and runs the Cincinnati Old-Time Radio Convention


By Don Ramlow, founder of All-Ears Theatre, who casts and directs the Cincinnati OTR radio shows


By Ken Piletic, OTR Collector and Cincinnati archivist, who records the OTR convention every year


By Terry Salomonson, owner of and World's Foremost Collector of OTR tapes, scripts, and ephemera


By Fred Berney, owner of Satellite Media Production and winner of the 2008 Stone-Waterman Award (for preserving old-time radio)


By Peyton Powell, an old-time radio Fan's Fan, and a darn good crow


By Kathy and Dan (Karen's parents)


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