Hereís what you need:

1.  Home Wi-Fi

2.  An active cellphone

3.  An inactive cellphone with camera


Most people have old cellphones with cameras laying around.  Iíve paid as little as $15.00 for them, brand new, at places like Wal-Mart and Kroger's.  The ones that are usually the cheapest are Net 10 and Tracphone. 

The phones are so cheap because the phone companies expect to make their money from your monthly fees.  But as long as you donít connect them to a phone number, there ARE no monthly fees.  And if you have wifi in your home, you have an internet connection that requires no extra fees. 

So youíve got your regular cellphone, and the cheap unactivated phone. 

First step is to download a free app called Alfred onto both phones.  This pretty much explains it all:

After the app is loaded into each phone, you click on it (on your phones) and choose whether each phone will be a camera or a monitor.  You want the cheap phone to be the camera, and your regular cellphone to be the monitor.

Now you just put the cheap phone wherever it gives you a view of what you want to see.  Keep the cheap phone always plugged in, by the way Ė the battery will run down quickly if you donít.  I use a big metal clip to hold my phone exactly where I want it.

When you click your Alfred app on your main phone, it lets you see the view on your cheap phoneís camera.  From anywhere in the world, of course!  PLUS, you can both HEAR the room monitored, AND you can TALK to anyone who is in that room!

You can also set up motion detection on your main phone, so if the cheap phone detects motion in your home while youíre away, it notifies you immediately.  (NOTE:  Pets can set this off.) 

And you can set the cameras to automatically record when motion is detected, so you have the burglars on video. 

You can set up several cheap camera phones wherever you want.  I have one looking at my living room, another watching my driveway, and another in the room where I lock my puppy when Iím away.  And I have a fourth in a closed bedroom.  I have motion detection turned on in the bedroom phone only; nowhere else, because I have pets who could set them off in all the other rooms.  No pets in the bedroom, though, and burglars looking for cash or jewelry head for the bedroom.   

Thatís it!  You can check any camera at any time, no matter where you are.

NOTE:  There are ads in this system that you can buy your way out of by paying for the no-ads version.  I prefer the ads to the monthly fee.

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